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These are our values:

Take responsibility for my actions. Therefore I own the results.

Take responsibility for my lack of action. Therefore I own the lack of results, or consequences of having done nothing.

Courage: It is NOT that thing you get after you need it. It is NOT being brave. Its having the moral integrity to do the right thing, every time, by everyone involved. Occasionally this requires strength; even less often it requires personal sacrifice. It involves not compromising my other values.

Empathy: The art of helping someone, feeling with them, without feeling sorry for them nor patronising them nor their circumstances.

Empowering others: This is a driving motivation for what I do. Seeing people succeed with a small nudge of encouragement from me, makes me get up in the morning.

Sustainability: If our great grandchildren can't be better off than we are, there is little point to anything we do. Additionally any job should be resourced in a manner that avoids burn out or destruction of the required resources. This includes people.

Fun: Likewise if we work so hard there is no time for fun in life, why bother.

Pursuit of excellence with rigour. After all University is based on academic rigour, little else. My old school motto "Quantum Potes Tantum Aude" this loosely translates to: do your best in all that you do.

Self reliance to a point. One must know your limitations and its critical to know when to ask for help. Focus on your strengths, seek help from others who are better at things than you are.

Balance: All work and no play makes Jack/Jill a dull Boy/Girl. All play and no work makes Jill/Jack a dumb Girl/Boy. So balancing work, family, social, mental, spiritual and physical is crucial success.

Flexibility to a point.  Discipline and Routine have their place and they greatly aid achievement, but being able to think outside the square, and change according to the need,  is essential for improvement and self growth.

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