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Ok, would you get on a plane that had a 68% chance of crashing? And you knew these odds before boarding the flight!

Then let’s lower the odds,

Would you get on a plane that had a 56% chance of crashing?

Lets up the odds,

Would you get on a plane that had a 77% chance of crashing?

In the absence of interviewing you, my guess your answer is a resounding NO, under all circumstances!

To those running from a fire, who’d get on the plane, you’re excused. You have a mighty reason. To those knowing this is the only way to maybe save the world and so the payoff potentially outweighs the risk, you are also excused.

To the rest of us who aren’t body doubles for Bruce Willis in his next film, here’s the thing.

The current state of Post School Education is a Plane Crash! The majority of College and University Students are not getting qualified!

According to the National Student Clearinghouse (U.S.A.) 59% (2017) of 1st year enrollments had not graduated 4 years later.

According to Melbourne University, in Australia, 68% (2015) of all 1st year enrollments on average do not complete the course.

According to Dr Andre van Zyl of Academic Development Center at the University of Johannesburg South Africa (2015) 50 % fail in first year, and in total 77% don’t graduate. Only 35% graduate in minimum time.

What does this say?

If we analogize Post School Student failure to a plane crash,

U.S.A. Student Failure rates
R.S.A. Student Failure rates
Australian Student Failure rates
« Against 1st year enrollments.

So what the hell is happening?

2 things really.

  1. In the absence of parental and teacher supervision, the “non school” school life offers distractions from academic focus, be they sports, girlfriends or boyfriends, alcohol etc. To a certain extent this is just a maturity process and it will run its own course, with its own consequence.

2. The high school system is not adequately preparing the high school students for post high school academia.

I know, I failed in spectacular fashion at my 1st attempt at post school study, if you can say that failure was spectacular!

Real Cost!

Just think of the college fees you have saved for and are paying, the travel, the living away from home costs, the books, and lord knows what else this will cost you financially , let alone your child’s lost income not only while at college, but on the lower rate of pay with no qualifications? This could be lifelong.

The Fix!

So what I have done is to write a rapid “don’t crash your plane course” called the University Skills Higher Education Package. Tailored specifically to post school students, of any age, at any academic or trade institution, to help them focus, learn how to learn, through a series of time management, study skills, memory training, and motivational lectures so your child can and achieve academic success, get qualified with that degree this time or first time.