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Higher Education Package

4 weeks plus 1 week bonus week

Only $299.00 !

Online e-learning modules, 4 lessons per week, all lessons less than 10 minutes to maximise your time on the REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF, like Assessable Study, Friends and Family.

Course outcomes are to give you less stress, more time, and allow you to have the time to make more money. Finish 1st time, or finish this time pending on where you are in the qualification gaining cycle!

Access to a comprehensive study blue print.

Email support.

Access to online group call ins. 1 session per week.

Access to the private Higher Education Package Group on Facebook – connect with other students, ask questions and get answers online during and after the course.


Higher Education Package Content Outline

Week 1, 4 lessons

  1. Habits of Successful Students
  2. Sharp Saws, the importance of rest and work
  3. Schedules
  4. Time on Campus

Week 2, 4 lessons

  1. Brought Forward System
  2. Anti Procrastination
  3. Short Hand Note Taking
  4. More Anti Procrastination

Week 3, 4 lessons

  1. Spatial Learning Methods
  2. Predicting Test Questions, efficient reading practices
  3. Group Work, what to do, what NOT to do
  4. Feyman Learning Skills, rapid uptake!

Week 4, 5 lessons

  1. Test Preparation
  2. Test Taking Skills
  3. Essay writing, test and assignments
  4. Key Words in Essays
  5. Budgeting while Studying

Week 5 BONUS

Subject to change based on class need & leadership team's availability/ capacity. Content may include the following or similar.

  1. Problem solving and asset recognition, even if they are virtual because grey matter counts! 2 Lectures (PAPA) (SMEAC)
  2. Multi-Variable Analysis
  3. Advance Writing Skills, To Jargon or Not to Jargon, clarity of thought on a page
  4. Decision Trees
  5. Mindful Student 3 Lectures (Tendency) (3 Elements) (Application)

Most lessons will have handouts but not all.
Week 5 lessons may be longer than 10 minutes or split into more than one video, pending on production restrictions.